Learning About The “Defeating Diabetes” Program


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What is the Defeating Diabetes Program?

“Defeating Diabetes” is a program which will reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.
You will learn of new research and how it reveals that a new white starch can reverse your diabetes, and will prevent diabetes becoming a full blown disease to those who are pre-diabetic.

You will learn that if start using this “super starch” today you will be able to gain control of your blood sugar. You will also lose a lot of abdominal fat and totally eliminate your diabetes.
This is a natural solution which is safer than any drug and will not have any side-effects.

You will also learn that the Pharmaceutical do not want you to know of this, and the reason for that is because of you are cured of your diabetes they will not be able to make a profit from you. These Pharmaceutical companies are not your friend.

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease and can cause all sorts of health complications. Your body could lose Vitamin D which will then lead to difficulty with heart health and bone health.

Are you worried that diabetes could destroy your eyesight? Or are you worried that you could end up with your feet being amputated? Would you rather not having to rely on dangerous medication and insulin for the rest of your life? Are you also afraid that your diabetes could lead to your death at a young age?
If you said yes to any of these then you must know that the Defeating Diabetes program could rescue you. You can and you will be able to rid yourself of diabetes. It can be reversed.
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How Does The Defeating Diabetes Program Work?

You will learn of a “Super Starch” which will save your life, even though you may have been told not to eat starches because of how they affect you blood sugar.
You will learn that this is a very powerful and easy way to halt your diabetes.
If this is so great then why is no-one talking about it?
The dietary advice of which you have heard of people telling you to stay away from carbs is important, but this program will show you that not all carbs are equal. That means that The “White Starch” which you will discover about in the program are in a class of their own and will actually help you reverse your diabetes unlike other carbs.

You will see the scientific literature of what many scientists are saying about this newly discovered “super starch”.

In the program you will read of a 2014 study in Iowa State University about this “super starch” and of how it could also save your kidneys, improve your vitamin D and help you control your body’s blood sugar immensely.
This was done as a double-blind study in which diabetics were fed either the “super starch” or regular cornstarch for 6 weeks.
The results of the study were that the group eating the “super starch” prevented Urinary loss of Vitamin D and reduced their high blood sugar by 41%

You will also learn of a 2005 study done in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that revealed that adding just a few tablespoons worth of this “Super Starch” improved subjects sensitivity by 33% in only 4 weeks.

After consuming this “super starch” you will also feel satisfied after you meal which will help stop you overeating and packing on weight. You will be relieved of the cravings you will be having for food and will even lower your cholesterol levels.

This “Super Starch” is called Resistant Starch. Many studies are saying that Resistant Starch will be a hugely important food for people with diabetes.
Resistant Starch is resistant to digestion. That means it will pass through your system without being digested. It functions like a soluble fiber. It will reach you colon and will feed the friendly bacteria in you body. Good bacteria in your body has many health benefits, they help create important compounds which will have health benefits.
The health benefits of this includes improved insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, better feelings of satisfaction after a meal which will help you avoid overeating and will help you with weight loss.
In the Defeating Diabetes Program you will learn where to get the resistant starch.

Who is Yuri Elkaim?

Yuri Elkaim is the creator of the Defeating Diabetes Program.
He is a New York Times best selling author, a holistic nutritionist and a highly sought after health expert.
Over the past 15 years Yuri Elkaim has worked for over 500,000 people bringing them to good health.
He has been a regular guest on shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

Eliminating your Diabetes

Imagine how great it could be to reverse your diabetes.
Imagine the freedom you would have.
You wouldn’t have to deal with expensive and dangerous medications, no more needles or finger pricking, no more worries, no more limiting your diet to bland boring food, no more feeling frustrated and dependent.


Cynthia Flores, West Palm Beach, Florida
“Yuri, within the first week of following your “defeating diabetes” plan I noticed 4 incredible changes! First, my blood sugar numbers decreased about 50 points (and I’ve been type 2 diabetic for 10 plus years). Second, I’ve always suffered from bacterial vaginitis and it has miraculously disappeared. Third, my energy level has noticeably increased, and finally, I now have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day vs. 2 to 3 times a week!”

Starr, Alaska, USA
“I have had a many changes since going through your Defeating Diabetes kit. I am diabetic so I was so tired and lethargic all the time. But with only a few changes I was able clear my thinking and start to feel nourished. This was all I was looking for I just needed to function…. Did I ever get more thank you and I am now trying to help others.”

What Is Contained In The Program?

The Super Starch Solution You will learn the best sources of Resistant Starch and how to prepare the good foods that will help increase your intake of the Resistant Starch
How To Eat To Beat Diabetes You will learn of many great diabetes friendly recipes and you will learn of the best meal plans.
20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes 20 recipes based on whole and healthy foods which are quick to prepare and are delicious.
Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout The correct exercise is a very important component of dealing with diabetes. You will learn of this in easy to follow audio and video.

More Tips For Dealing With Diabetes

Lifestyle and Eating
The lifestyles and eating habits of most Americans is causing an epidemic of over weight and obesity, in turn increasing the number of diabetic patients. There are over 20 million people the U.S. that have diabetes. In order to control and manage this disease we must take care of our lifestyle.
Having a healthy life will free you from illness and therefore, will let you do whatever you want to, anytime and anywhere. When you always feel sick and weak, you should spend some time to reflect on the food that you must eat. In addition, it will boost your energy if you spend some time for exercises and some activities.
Stress – Reducing stress is very important. You know that stress can cause your blood pressure to rise, so you really need to get control of it. Exercise, meditation and deep breathing are good ways to get rid of stress.


Cardio conditioning. There is no substitute. Not a series of five minute intervals, not sprinting, not barbell or dumbbell complexes. These are all good, but the heart is made of of different muscle fibers and needs extended steady state conditioning. Walking, running, riding a bike, skating,etc. These all qualify. Do 20-30 minutes every day and your body will thank you.
Keep your cardiovascular in a good condition, which again is excellent for your weight. The amount of fat you burn is dependent on the efficiency of that process. This does not mean that you are to torture yourself by drinking liters upon liters of water every hour.
This is time to introduce you with the best exercise to lose fat and achieve a great figure. It is weight training. Do not think that it will make you look like those muscular gym people against your wish. You can get your desired body shape out of it. You just need to follow the right path. The more muscle you gain the more fat you will lose. Weight training improves your metabolism and gives you more energy to do work. Soon you will feel much better overall, stronger, more confident and healthier. It also helps in preventing early adult diabetes. Initially you may feel stressed out but do not give up. The harder the challenge the better is the result.


Carbohydrates can be problematic for those dealing with diabetes. Sugars are particularly important to watch, as it will raise blood sugar then drop it through the floor. Your doctor can give you a list of how much you can consume on a daily basis, which will help you steer away from stuff that will cause complications.